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"Only after the last tree has been cut down. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only after the last fish has been caught. Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten." – Cree Indian prophecy

How Can You Help?

Current Issues:

“Saving Awendaw”

Nature Adventures is currently trying to save the pristine area of “Awendaw”, SC.

Huge developments threaten this rural area in Charleston county. Surrounded by the Cape Romain National Wildlife Area and the Marion National Forest, it is unique and the last of its kind. Numerous threatened and endangered species will undoubtedly be impacted from the proposed developments in hand by the Town of Awendaws Council Unfortunately, the town council keeps voting to allow high density development to occur despite opposition from the majority of town residents and others. Nature Adventures attends council meetings stressing to council members the devastating impact this development will have on the national lands surrounding it.The Coastal Conservation League and others have joined us in the fight. It is with great hope that one day our voice will be heard and that we can “Save Awendaw”from this destruction.

Dolphins with toxins

Unfortunately, the antibiotics and pain killers we flush into our wastewater don’t get filtered out.   The Town of Mt.Pleasant is looking into putting in a filter system that will do just that.  Scientific data shows that our dolphins subcutaneous layers in their skin are absorbing these toxins.  Please help us encourage wastewater treatment facilities all along our coastal areas to implement these filtration systems. 

Environmental Organizations you can Support

*Compiled by Nature Adventures Kayak & Canoe Outfitters, Inc. 

East Cooper Land Trust

East Cooper Land Trust
P.O. Box 2495
Mount Pleasant SC 29465
Catherine Main, Executive Director
Phone: 843-224-1849


Coastal Conservation League


Charleston Office
328 East Bay Street
Post Office Box 1765
Charleston, SC 29402
Phone:(843) 723-8035
Fax:(843) 723-8308
E-mail: info@scccl.org

The Nature Conservancy


Michael B. Prevost, Project Director
Sewee to Santee Project Office
P.O. Box 626
McClellanville SC 29458-0626
tel [843] 887.4380
fax [843] 887.4383

 The Ocean Conservancy



SC Sea Grant Consortium

287 Meeting StreetCharleston SC 29401
p: 843.953.2078
f: 843.953.2080

Contact Sea Grant to see current issues they are working on to help save South Carolinas Environment!

The Center for Birds of Prey

4872 Seewee Road
Awendaw, SC29429
Mailing Address:P.O. Box 1247
Charleston SC 29402
Phone: 843.971.7474
Fax: 843.971.7029

Attend the Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market

Buy local fresh, organic food May-Oct.
645 Coleman Boulevard Mount Pleasant 29464
Contact:Ashley McKenzie phone:843-884-8517

Get involved with:  DHEC  Ocean & Coastal Resource Management (OCRM)

The DHEC Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management protects and enhances the State's coastal resources by preserving sensitive and fragile areas while promoting responsible development in the eight coastal counties of South Carolina.

OCRM Program Goals and Objectives:

  • Implement the Coastal Zone Management Plan to manage wetland alterations, stormwater and land disturbance activities, certify all federal and state permits and direct federal actions and all alterations of tidally influenced critical area lands, waters and beaches.
  • Preserve sensitive natural, historic and cultural resources through regulatory oversight and guidance.
  • Provide technical expertise to resolve complex coastal management issues.
  • Encourage low impact and alternative development to preserve water quality and environmental integrity.

OCRM offices are located in Charleston, Beaufort and Myrtle Beach.

Participate in:

Recycling, Reducing, Reusing

Beach Sweep River Sweep   www.dnr.sc.gov/bsrs/ Mt. Pleasant    
Pickett Recreation Area (Old Pitt St. bridge)
Kent Prause
(843) 884-1229
kprause@townofmountpleasant.com    map link

Ben Sawyer causeway
Nicole Frampton Bates
(843) 388-1152
cell (843) 814-2076
nbates@mpwonline.com    map link

Support:  Charleston Green Taxi – 819-0846

Shem to Downtown - $15, Sullivans - $15, IOP - $15, W/Dunes - $30, Mt. Pl - $10-$30, CHS - $35

Join the Mt.Pleasant Water “council” and participate in council meetings


Things You Can do!

  •  Clean up your trash. Throw all trash away in proper receptacles, even when you’re not on the water. Pick up any debris you see while out.
  • Collect your monofilament fishing line.
  • Don’t leave fishing line behind and retrieve any other line you may find while fishing, but be careful not to tug on snagged lines, which could be caught on habitat below the surface.
  • Contain and properly clean spills when boating. Use oil-absorbent rags and materials to clean spills. Check Ocean Conservancy’s Good Mate manual for helpful tips on reducing your negative impacts on the water.
  •  Recycle used motor oil and oil filters. Local gas stations should have appropriate facilities for recycling these materials. NEVER pour oil, paint, antifreeze, or other household chemicals into an open sewer or down a storm drain.
  •  Consider organic alternatives to household detergents and cleaners. Use lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda for household cleaning. Avoid using fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and harsh chemical cleaners that can wash into waterways.
  • Choose reusable items and use fewer disposable ones. Use fewer disposable bags when shopping or bring your own reusable ones.
  • Properly dispose of used batteries and electronics. Don’t dump them in landfills, use your local recycling center. These items leach harmful chemicals into the environment that take a long time to disperse.
  • Keep streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and storm drains clear of trash and debris – they empty into our ocean.
  •  Contact your elected representatives and let them know you care about marine debris – and that they should care, too. Vote for candidates who support marine debris prevention and policies that protect our environment.

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