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10 Great Things To Do In Charleston

Obviously there are a ton of things to do if you have a little wiggle room in your budget, but you still want to make sure you get your money’s worth. So what should you do?

Crafted Travel Sippin Tour

Walk out your front door to be greeted by the party bus and enjoy being whisked away through the winding lanes of oaks to Charleston’s only vineyard. Breathe in the quiet peacefulness of the moss-draped trees and rows upon rows of grapevines on your way to the tasting room, where you will learn all about the process used to make each of the wines included in your tasting. Once you’ve enjoyed your fill of sweet muscadine wine, you will move to the distillery where spirits range from old-fashioned moonshine to apple pie. After pleasing your palate with liquor tastings galore, the tour will move to a local brewery for a final pint and a bite to eat. You’ll be dropped back off at your door with a bag full of goodies and memories of local flavors still buzzing on your tongue.

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2020 The Year of Roadtrips

Shem Creek Kayak Rentals

2020 has quickly become “The Year of Roadtrips.” With travel restrictions holding strong around the world and budgets being slashed across all industries as the pandemic hit, many have been left wondering if their summer vacation is salvageable. Luckily there is hope to be found in the time-honored tradition of roadtrips. With gas prices expected to stay low throughout the summer, it’s never been a better time to pack up the family or your friends and hit the open road. Whether you’re travelling by car, motorcycle, or RV, there are tons of fun sights to see and adventures to be had!

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Are There Manatees In Charleston?

Manatee On Shem Creek

Have you ever seen a manatee up close? Those hulking creatures of slow swim exhibit the graceful dance of a ballerina on water and are often lovingly referred to as sea cows. Many believe these animals to be the basis of the lore of mermaids, the way they slightly rise out of the water and glide along, tail lazily swishing beneath the surface of the water. If you’ve been lucky enough to go kayaking or paddleboarding on Shem Creek in the summertime then you’ve probably had the chance of a lifetime: a close encounter with these endangered sea creatures of the South. Their puppy-like faces and serene behavior are a delight to witness, and each time the weather and water warms to a cool 70 degrees we here in Charleston get our chance.  

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Save Crab Bank Flotilla

Event is Sunday, September 30 | Encircle Crab Bank at 9:30 a.m.

The fundraising deadline is fast approaching to save Crab Bank and many in the Charleston area don't know what's happening.  Roughly $1.25 million needs to be raised by December to help save this key seabird sanctuary in Charleston Harbor.  That only amounts to about $10 from 125,000 donors to help ensure Crab Bank is restored as part of the harbor's larger dredging project.  Crab Bank has been a prime nesting spot to dozens of sea and shorebirds for decades including pelicans.  Since Hurricane Irma the area is being washed over at high tide.

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Charleston is Not a Monolith

When you hear of Charleston you probably think of the peninsula; Downtown Charleston gets all the attention and accolades, while the surrounding areas of charleston County seem to get left in the dust. But one of the great things about Charleston that makes it so unique is the different atmospheres available on the surrounding islands that make up Charleston as we locals know it. Mostly within a 20 minute drive from downtown, each stop offers its own individual take on the salt life and good vibes that continue to drive us to be the #1 destination in the US, and sometimes the world. Staying downtown can be a bit pricey, too, but luckily you can stay in any of the surrounding areas and still enjoy the Charleston you’ve heard so much about.

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Rantowles Creek

Rantowles Creek

Not feeling the crowds at Shem Creek? We hear ya. That's why we like to explore many of the creeks and rivers in the Lowcountry. Sections of the Edisto River and Penny Creek are some of our favorites, as well as the ACE Basin in all of its glory. Those are less than 30 miles from Charleston and make for great half day excursions.

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Up Shem Creek without a paddle?

Shem Creek Kayaking

It is one of the staples of things to do during a visit of Charleston, South Carolina. Shem Creek is just a few short miles from the downtown peninsula and over the majestic Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge spanning the Cooper River (pronounced Cup-ah by the natives).  It offers so many treasures in a calm, secluded bay.

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Total Eclipse 2017

Everyone is getting excited for the 2017 total eclipse coming up on August 21st.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun and completely shields the overwhelmingly bright light of the photosphere (the sun’s surface). This affords observers the unique opportunity to see the two outermost layers of the sun’s atmosphere (the corona and chromosphere).

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"Every trip with them is awesome! I have developed a true love of paddling with them"

TripAdvisor Review - May 2021




"Every trip with them is awesome! I have developed a true love of paddling with them"

TripAdvisor Review - May 2021




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Charleston Kayaking Review

I cannot say enough good about Nature Adventures! From the get go, they were extraordinarily nice. I am grateful for the constant reminders to not touch the oysters or get out of the kayak as I got stuck in an oyster bed and had to be rescued. Dana and Ben went above and beyond to rescue me and not make me feel like I was an idiot for getting stuck. 5 stars is not enough!- Diana A.

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